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Compare us

As of today WebMenu is the only metasearch engine to offer best quality metasearch results, most up-to-date features, a new generation user-interface with easy navigation.

Compare us with some of most popular metasearch engines and see the difference for yourself:

[ About This Comparisn ]
  Features / Options    WebMenu  Other Metasearch Engines 
1.  Speed / Performance - Fast search all the time.
- Queries more sources (search engines)
- Generates more results.
Only 1 or 2 well known metasearch engines can offer nearly as good a performance.
2.  Search Quality Relevant search results with higher accuracy: sorted, ranked and nicely formatted. Often junk results with lots of unrelated listings or simply a bunch of sponsored listings scattered everywhere.
3.  Multiple Search Methods WebMenu is the first and only metasearch engine with a fully interoperable 3-in-1 search system:

- Clustering Search
- Combined (Blended) Search
- Per-Engine (Split) Search

You can use any preferable search method with the 1-click option to view (analyze) the results in any other search method output.
4.  Multiple Sort Options Results can be sorted and analyzed in a number of ways: by relevance/ranking, popularity, alphabetical order, reverse-alphabetical order etc.
Also 1-click convenient settings to view/analyze the results with: 'minimum details', 'fancy options', 'keywords highlighted' and more. Favourite tools for researchers, journalists, librarians, students and teachers.
Either none or very limited options.
5.  Innovative User Interface Neat and clean design for quick and easy navigation. Smart User Interface with instant-action, 1-click setting-buttons innovated and introduced by WebMenu. Most do not have any meaningful user-interface at all.
6.  Visitor Preferences Innovative, 1-click, on the spot preference settings introduced by WebMenu. All changes takes place without changing the page you are on and instantly. Customize your WebMenu and enjoy a better internet search.
You no longer need to go to a separate page, submit your preferences and start over again.
Most metasearch engines do not have any preference setting options at all. Only a few engines have old style preference settings with limited options.
7.  Refreshments 1-click color setting option to suit you mood None
8.  Accessibility Options 1-click settings for changing font/text style and size. Extreamly helpful for people with eye fatigue, vision problems, minors, elderly people and those who spend a lot of time online. None
9.  Multi-lingual Interface Instant 1-click interface language setting. None
10.  Connectivity Considerations WebMenu offers 2 versions of the site: 'Standard Page' and 'Lite page'. Visitors with slower connection can switch to 'Lite Page' version with just a single click. None
11.  Content Filter Reasonable content-filter (family-filter) support. Most metasearch engines do not have any effective content-filtering option.
12.  Banners and Pop-Ups No disturbing banners or pop-ups. Widely used in most other metasearch engines
13.  Sponsored Listings Strictly limited number of sponsored listings may appear. Shown separetely and clearly marked. Mostly interested in showing all the sponsored listings rather than relevant search results.
14.  Search Viewer Real time search viewer/statistics with up to the second accuracy. See what people are searching for in WebMenu. None
15.  Live Search - Live Search option lets you see the actual search process taking place in real time as qksearch fetches the results for you.
- Also lets you view and choose the sources (search engines).
16.  Advanced Search Interface Advanced Search Interface allows a more comprehensive search. Also helps make a complex search without any knowledge of boolean connectors ( +, -, "", AND, OR, NOT). Most (example: Mamma, Ixquick) do not have any 'Advanced Search Interface' at all.

About this Comparisn / Review:
This table is based upon feature-wise comparisn between WebMenu and 4 top metasearch engines selected by popularity (Dogpile, Search.com, Ixquick and Mamma).
Last Review / Comparisn Date: November 20, 2005.

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