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Search Help

WebMenu finds the best results from all major sources, search engines (including its own) simultaneously. This should really and truly mean searching the entire web, not just a part of it.

It is powered by an innovative 3-in-1 metasearch engine; the only one of its kind and can process results in 3 distinctive ways:

1.  Clustered (Clustering Search) - results from all sources are analyzed, ranked and automatically organized (categorized) in a conceptually meaningful hierarchy of folders (clusters). This categorization takes place on-the-fly without any human interaction.

2.  Ranked and combined (Blended Search) - results from all sources are combined together, sorted, ranked and shown.

3.  Per-Engine (Split Search) - results from each sources are shown separately with option to view them anyway you want.

You can use all these 3 search methods interchangeably with a single click. (Clustered, Combined or Per-Engine). More on Search Methods.


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