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Search Viewer Help

Search Viewer Help

Want to know what other people are searching in WebMenu? Search Viewer shows you upto the moment details on most recent searches. It will show you the search words (keywords), target content, search time and date.

Search Viewer shows you everything in real time, no hidden secrets, no fiddling*. What you see is what is happening inside WebMenu.

Click on the 'Search Viewer' link and see for yourself.
 Search Viewer Link
(see the snapshot below for itemized explanation)

Search Viewer will show search queries using the following rules:

* - Unique Keywords from new/fresh search only. Duplicates removed.
* - Consecutive page-views (with-in results) not considered.
* - Too long queries/keywords removed.
* - Anti-social, provocative, racially motivated queries removed.
* - Adult entries excluded when Family-Filter is On.
* - Actual search count is usually much higher than projected here.

 Search Viewer Link
  1. View by 'Target Content' option links (shows keywords used to search a specific type of content)
2. Link to next listing/page
3. Keyword listings
4. Option links to sort the results using other criteria (by default keywords are listed by time of search. You can view them in 'Reverse Time', 'Alphabetical' or 'Reverse Alphabetical' order)


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