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1995 John Sloatman creates The Official Jimi Hendrix Foundation Website


1996 Winners of The John DeVorak Award

Outstanding Special Interest Web Site
The Los Angeles Dodgers Web Site

Accepting the award: Barry Stockhamer, VP Marketing, The Los Angeles Dodgers and John K. Sloatman, Chief Operating Officer and founder, OMN Inc.
The Los Angeles Dodgers National League baseball team hosts a Web site rich with content that pushes HTML to its limits. Designed by OMN Inc. The site is fully interactive and animated, has many unique baseball graphics, color photographs and art work, crisp sound, real-time audio and video broadcasts and an intuitive user interface.

The site has facilities for downloading all the plug-ins supported and setup instructions. Using the QuickTime VR plug-in, users can view Virtual Reality movies, navigate through VR scenes, and manipulate VR objects while viewing a Dodgers 3D Tour. Using EchoSpeech Audio plug-in users can hear real-time speech compressed over the Internet of various Dodger audio clips. Using the StreamWorks plug-in users can view the audio/video of live events at Dodger Stadium.

There is a guest book and fan forum with various contests. The site's key areas include: Game Results and Information, Ticket Information, 106 Seasons Summary, Player Information, Baseball Around the Globe, Dodgers in the Community, Jackie Robinson, Press Releases, Nomomania, Chan Ho Park, Broadcast Information, Down on the Farm, Gift Shop, Multimedia Gallery, Dodger Publications and For Kids Only. Additional offerings include: Exclusive Game Notes, Merchandise Specials, Dodgers News, a text version of the team's Home and Road Schedule, the sound track of Vin Scully's Game Recap, Baseball Poetry readings by Vin Scully, Tommy Lasorda and Rick Monday, and complete Minor team.

League Box Scores.
Los Angeles Dodgers
1000 Elysian Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 213-224-1500, Fax: 213-224-1269

Barry Stockhamer, V.P. Marketing
Jay Lucas, Publicity Tel: 213-224-1301, Fax: 213-224-1459

Email: webmaster@dodgers.com

URL: http://www.dodgers.com



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